Why Choosing Birdnest


The edible birds’ nests are made by swiftlet Collocalia-Fuciphaga, found in the tropical coastal area in South-east Asia. This unique swiftlet build their nests only with their saliva to form a composition of interwoven strands of salivary laminae cement.

Rich of Benefits

Scientific reports stated that Birds’ nests is good to be consumed by human because it give a lot of health benefits to the consumer. Birds’ nest is rich in protein, amino acids and minerals, which it is useful to enhance tissue growth and cellular regeneration, slowing the ageing process, boost cell mediated immunity in humans, and it is also useful to regulate the endocrine system and other body functions.

Birds’ nests are beneficial to be consumed by all kinds of people, especially children, the elderly, pregnant women, and post-surgery recoverers. As it contain a powerful herbs that is useful to neutralize the poisons over the body, maintain the skin health, and help the new cells growth to be more active in the body. Besides that, it is also useful to help patients to gain speedy recovery from coughs, tracheitis, bronchitis, asthma or lung diseases.




How to Make:

1. First, slice three grams of American ginseng
2. Soak the bird's nest in a water for 2 hours
3. Finally, put the American ginseng and bird's nest together into a stew pot, add a little water to cover the bird's nest, and simmer for 30 minutes. Add wolfberries and melt the sugar


1、 首先把西洋参三克切片
3、 最后把西洋参和燕窝一起放入炖盅 ,加入清水盖过燕窝少许为宜,隔水炖30分钟,加入枸杞,冰糖融化即可食用

How to Keep:

Fresh bird's nest can be placed in the refrigarator's fresh-keeping compartment, or blown dry with a fan and a dehumidifier on the day of purchase, or placed in a ventilated, cool and dry place to let it dry naturally (but do not dry directly with sunlight, because It affects the quality of the bird's nest itself, and can be stored in a crisper or a gas storage box for a long time. Remember, all bird's nests should not be exposed to the sun.