About Swiftlet  
"Recently, some people have gone into the business of breeding swiftlet with old methods. The result is slower growth or even stagnation. If the farming of swiftlets is managed intensively with innovative methods, remarkable production can surely be excepted (Dr. E. Nugroho)"

The birds called Swiftlets or Cave Swiftlets are contained within four genera of Aerodamus,
Hydrochous, Schoutedenapus and the remaining left in Collocalia. The group contains around thirty species mostly confined to southern Asia and south Pacific islands and north eastern Australia all within the tropical and subtropical regions.

Bird Nest Info

For Centuries, bird nests harvested here formed an important source of supplies to China
where it had been and still is a prized delicacy.

Bird's Nest is both precious & nourishing. It is the saliva of swallows, containing with elements which can stimulate cell and epidermal growth. If the bird's nest is taken regularly, the skin will be glowing and delicate. Bird's Nest is nourishing, appetizing and also good for our eyes. It is also beneficial to elderly and those who has just recovered from illness.

Indonesian Swallow bird's nest is one of the finest quality in the world. There are two kinds of places to develop the swallow bird nest. They are in caves and in old houses with four different types such as White Nest, Red Nest / Blood Nest, Yellow Nest and Orange Nest.

The Types, Textures and Shapes of Bird's Nest

The different products of bird's nests that can be found in the market include the natural
whole nest, nest strips, nest pieces, nest threads and the irregular shaped nest cake
processed from the nest threads.

The marketed bird's nest are produced by three different swallow species

The Swiftlet : The nest of a swiftlet is constructed entirely by its saliva and is commonly
termed a whole nest. Since the swiftlet feeds on different food, the saliva and the nest differ in color, varying from mainly white, yellow, grey and purple. The whole nest gives the best nourishing and replenishing effects to humans. The cooked bird's nest tastes mellow.

The Feathered Swallow : This little bird also constructs its nest from saliva & feathers. These nests are of less purity than the whole nest made by the swiftlet. After disintegration and removal of the feathers and impurities, the nest is molded into the shape of a nest cake. The nest cake comes in beautiful shapes and the colour is mainly white & yellow. The therapeutic value of the nest cake is only second to the whole nest. The nest cake has a good swelling capacity. The feathered swallow is found in caves in Malaysia. It has a sligh tly longer body length than swiftlet.

The Grass Swallow : The body of the grass swallow is about 12 cm long. The nest is comprised of saliva & grass. Its purity is second to the nest of the feathered swallow and is the cheapest to purchase. Most of the nest pieces and nest threads sold in the markets are from grass swallows. They are the products after the nest has been disintegrated and the impurities have been removed. The nest of grass swallow is mainly grassy and yellow in color. The swelling capacity is low but the price is reasonable. It is an excellent choice for the beginner.

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