Insect Powder
Special powder to generate insect as swiftlets' favourite food. Useful to attract swiftlet to approach the source of food. Insect powder also useful to faster the forming of new nest. Because of the abundant food that produce in every season, without limit. Can be placed inside the bird house near the bird's entrance hole.

Special liquid that contain special aroma / perfume to attract & stimulate swiftlet to enter new house and occupied them. Very useful to increase the bird population & spread into other rooms in the new farming house. Applied on the walls inside the building about half metre from nesting plank under to one metre.

CPW (Black Paint for Bird Entrance)
Special black paint that contain special aroma/perfume which can attract swiftlets to approached near the entrance of bird house (hole).
Special powder that contain special aroma/perfume. Spread over the floor inside the bird house. This special powder create the new house's environment as same as an old house that had produced many kilos of bird nest, so the birds will feel like their old house when they enter the new house.
Pure swiftlets' feces with long lasting smell which directly get from the bird house which had already produced kilos of bird nest.
Nesting Plank SWO-2
Special plank which specially processed for nesting, so the swiftlets can make the high quality bird nest
Synthetic Nest
is very useful to attract birds to stay
in the new house or to replace the original nest.
Liquid to control the humidity
Liquid to lure the swiftlets
Speaker Hi-Sound
Super Speaker Motorola Speaker (Germany)
Motorola Speaker Entrance Speaker
This CD ROM Player is specially designed to
play the swiftlet chirps CD in the bird house.
The frequency of birds' sound can be controlled
& connected to many twiters. One channel
represents one stories & can be connected up to
50 tweeters.

Type of CD ROM Player :
- CD ROM Premium Non-Timer 4 channel
- CD ROM Player ASUS Non-Timer 4 channel
- CD Player ASUS with Timer 4 channel
- CD Player ASUS 6 channel
- CD Double Player + Timer 4 channel
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