Eka Walet Greenville, Jakarta, is an edible swiftlet breeding company and it's started in 1994. This company was appointed by Eka Walet Centre,
Semarang (owned by Dr. E. Nugroho) as a sole distributor which's selling all swiftlet breeding equipment.

In 1995, Ida Nugroho BSc (a daughter of Dr. E. Nugroho & the owner of Eka Walet Greenville Jakarta) started to process birdnest by establishing a company of Eka Walet Processing Center.

Eka Walet Processing Center offers the finest quality of edible birdnest in several grades in colour, shapes & size. In finding the raw material, this company using the selected edible birdnest from own birdhouses and
other birdhouses that have been already supervised and inspected by our birdhouses consultants to maintain the birdnest raw material quality.

The Processed birdnest is distibuted to Hong Kong, Singapore & Malaysia

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